The end of your Audi lease needn't be a time of loss. In fact, the end of your Audi lease presents a handful of spectacular opportunities to own or lease again. If you return your Audi lease, don't worry about any hassle. The return process is straightforward and rewarding, rather like Audi itself. Our Columbia, SC team, has your quick rundown on Audi Lease Return Options 101.

Exchange Your Audi for Another

Your Audi lease return options are the same, no matter where you are. A popular option is the lease-end exchange. You return the current Audi you're leasing and exchange it for another Audi. You're welcome to a newer version of the same model or any other new Audi model available for leasing.

Extend Your Current Audi Lease

We know to get it. You have a deep love for the Audi you're currently leasing and want to keep it. Go ahead. Feel free to extend your current Audi lease. The amount of time you can extend your lease varies, but the average minimum is roughly six months. Leasing a new, different Audi model is possible as well.

Purchase Additional Audi Lease Miles

As you know, all leased vehicles have annual mileage restrictions. If you exceed the range of limited mileage, you pay a standard fee to cover excess mileage. You can pay this fee at the beginning, mid-point, or end of the lease period. Costs per mile tend to be cheaper when purchased at the inception of the lease.

Purchase Your Leased Audi at Audi Columbia

If it's time to take the dive into ownership, you're so welcome. Purchase or re-finance your leased Audi in record time. You may also purchase another new Audi model.

Return Your Audi Lease

Returning your Audi lease is transparent and haggle-free. You must take some preliminary and post-lease steps to expedite the lease return process. We're happy to usher you carefully through all of the lease-end steps to ensure the smoothest transition.

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