Audi Models Will No Longer Include Manual Transmission

Since more drivers are sticking with vehicles that operate on a seamless automatic transmission, Audi decided to stop releasing new models that offer manual transmission to focus more on perfecting the popular alternative. The removal will impact the A4 and A5 models that used to offer a six-speed manual transmission to drivers around the Lexington and Columbia areas.

Before this decision takes effect, Audi released a final edition of the A4 called the A4 Ultra Sport to end this chapter in its history. This model stars a traditional, three-pedal manual transmission for drivers near Chapin who are passionate about this style of drivability. Aside from the choice of transmission, here's what the A4 Ultra Sport model features design and technology-wise:

  • Ultra Sport Design: Audi did its best to physically distinguish the Ultra Sport from the popular A4 design. The darker color and absence of the traditional Audi trademark badge will let drivers in Florence know that this model is something new. On the inside of the vehicle, you'll find caps on the pedals that are coated in stainless steel and seating that appears sporty in look and feel. This design will prompt South Carolina drivers to label the Ultra Sport as mysteriously sleek.
  • Similar Technology: Since it is an A4 model, there are some similarities that carried over into the last manual transmission-equipped model. One example is the familiar tech customers in Irmo enjoy like the LED-fueled headlights, a passionate stereo system, access to SiriusXM radio and alerts that promote safe parking.

Just to recap, in all of Audi's future vehicles drivers will no longer see an option for manual transmission. It will be all automatic from here on out. For those who've grown accustomed to the smooth drive an automatic transmission provides, this won't be difficult blow to take. For others who've enjoyed the connection established when driving stick will want to take advantage of Audi's limited-edition A4 Ultra Sport.

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